Keep Smooching! Seeing Parents’ PDA Might Be Good for Kids’ Health

Keep Smooching! Seeing Parents’ PDA Might Be Good for Kids’ Health

If you and your partner are one of those couples who don’t mind the presence of their kids when they are making out, you will definitely be glad to read this news. A scientific research conducted not while ago has shown that spotting public display of affection between parents can actually boost the health of children. That’s great, but at the same time it is a little bit gross.

Keep Smooching! Seeing Parents' PDA Might Be Good for Kids' Health

Scientists included 80 children in this research aged between 10 and 17 years. What they had in common was the fact that they were suffering from asthma and they lived with married parents or parents in long=term, serious relationships. The children were asked to write diaries for 4 days and describe their experience with asthma signs and symptoms and overall mood.

In addition, they also had to write down the activities and behavior of their parents or their public display of affection (PDA) between parents like kissing, arguing, hugging etc.

What the scientists found out was really interesting. There were some studies conducted in the past which confirmed that kid’s health was declining when they witnessed parental disagreements all the time.

However, in this study, kids didn’t experience any health problems when their parents were arguing. However, they said that they have experienced a small number of asthma attacks and problems and even better lung activity when they saw their parents kissing and hugging.

According to Samuele Zilioli, one of the authors of this scientific study, parents must know that kids have emotional responses whenever they interact with their parents, but also when their parents are interacting in front of them. In both cases, the kid’s responses can have great impact on their overall health.

Remember that the results from this study were obtained after four days and that children are not considered very reliable when it comes to scientific studies. Yet, this study should serve as an example that shows us how children look at the relationship of their parents. Even though they may feel uncomfortable at the moment, their body responds well.